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Tectmask TM is fully owned and developed by Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited Group, a world leading intimate wear manufacturer. Tectmask TM aims to provide a direct manufacturing source for wholesalers, distributors and institutions looking for comfortable, reliable mask products. Leveraging the innovation capabilities and expertise from Regina Miracle in the development and production of intimate wear and apparel products, Tectmask TM offers enhanced comfortability and mask wearing experience with superb fit. Products now offered by Tectmask TM include reusable fabric covers, disposable facemasks and different types of respirator. All materials have been tested in certified laboratories to ensure product quality.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tectmask TM is backed by its parent company which offers strong support on product research and development from its Innovation Center in China, as well as on manufacturing excellence from its world-class production facilities in both China and Vietnam. The production sites for Tectmask TM strictly follow international management systems, and have obtained relevant certifications including ISO19001 and ISO13485. The quality, manufacturing process and compliance of Tectmask TM products are of high standards.

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