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Disposable 3D medical mask

Product code

Product Description
  1. Fit closely on the face without creating any gaps
  2. Soft, stretchable, latex free and ultra-sonically sealed ear loops
  3. Detailed sizing for babies, kids, ladies, and men 
  4. Designed in Japan 
  5. Fulfills EN14683:2019 Type IIR and ASTM-F2100 Level 2 product requirement
  6. Manufactured in a cleanroom with ISO 14644 Class 8 certificate
  7. Manufactured in a site with ISO13485
  8. Export to EU market under Class 1 medical device (non-sterile)
  9. Export to US market under QKR

Manufactured in:
Hong Kong, China
Product Certificate 
  1. Splash Resistance 
  2. BFE(Bacterial filtration efficiency)
  3. PFE(Particle Filtration Efficiency)
  4. VFE(Viral Filtration Efficiency)
  5. Flammability
  6. Manufactured in ISO 14644 Class 8 Clean Room.
  7. Manufactured in a site with ISO 13485 Quality Management System.

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